William and Spider

REF: 1570


Florence Mabel Hollams was a very popular and competent painter of horses and dogs. She studied at Calderon's School of Art and Julian's, Paris. Her major exhibitions took place between 1899 and 1929. She exhibited close to 100 paintings, including eight at the Royal Academy from 1897 to 1912. She was elected to the Society of Women Artists in 1899. Ackermann held an exhibition of her work in 1934.

Hollams is noted for her unusual interest in painting figures on wood. She allowed the natural grain of the wood to show beneath and around her subjects by not painting any background. Her animal portraits are exceptionally detailed and finished. She also painted some human figures and flowers. Her paintings are often signed, sometimes dated, and sometimes also feature the name of the subject.

The Earl of Sefton, Lord Cornwallis, and Earl Beatty were among Hollams' patrons.

  • Width 41 cm / 16 14"
  • Depth 51 cm / 20 14"
  • Framed width 56 cm / 22 "
  • Framed depth 66.5 cm / 26 "