Portrait of a Hunter horse in a landscape

REF: 2137



Born in Melton Mowbray 1815 and died in Leeds 1862
He was the eldest son of John Ferneley Senior, and brother to Claude Lorraine Ferneley but little else is known about his life except that he worked in Manchester, York, and died in Leeds. His work is often confused with that of his father.
It is also believed that both father and son collaborated on many pictures, John Jnr. tended to sign his paintings John Ferneley whilst his father signed then J. Ferneley. But John Jnr would also sign his paintings in heavy black paint and would add either York or Jnr and sometimes both.
It is likely that he received some of his earliest training with his father in the creation of the plates for the famous color print series Count Sandor's Hunting Exploits in Leicestershire.
Out of the two brothers, he was probably the most confident as he tackled large composition pieces both military and hunting.
He died a bachelor in Manchester in 1862

  • Height 58.4 cm / 23 "
  • Width 71.09 cm / 28 "