19th century English portrtait of a fox hound

REF: 2131



Wonderful head portrait of a Fox Hound dog.

Edward Aistrop was a painter of dog portraits who worked in the latter part of the 19th century. He was amongst a band of artists who fulfilled the demand of wealthy patrons by providing a record of their favorite animals and champions. He painted in a similar style to artists such as Arthur Wardle and John Alfred Wheeler. His skill in painting animals earned him many commissions from pet owners and dog breeders. Many of his works were head studies and portraits often produced on a small scale.

This piece is framed in a Victorian gold leaf Antique frame and is fully signed by the artist, he often only signed with his monogram.

The painting is in fine untouched condition and has just had a light re-varnish to bring out the depth of the piece.

  • Height 33.01 cm / 13 "
  • Width 38.09 cm / 15 "