English ship in an Ice field, circa 1860

REF: 1967



William Adolphus Knell was a London marine painter, probably father of William Callcott Knell.

William exhibited mainly at the British Institution between 1825 and 1867, at the Royal Academy from 1825 to 1866 and also at Suffolk Street.

Knell was one of the 19th Century marine artists who started to paint in the formalized Dutch tradition, and appears towards the latter part of his career to have adopted an "English School" style. Most of his subjects are views on the English coast; he also painted the French, Belgian and Dutch coasts occasionally including shipping vessels from a much earlier period. On the rare occasion that he painted galleons he would paint them to their full, decorative splendor with rigging exposed and light flooding through to highlight every detail.

In 1847 he won second prize in the Westminster Hall Competitions with his "Destruction of Toulon 1793". Knell painted "The Landing of the Prince Regent at Dover" and "The Review of the Fleet at Spithead" for Queen Victoria.

  • Height 61 cm / 24 "
  • Width 74 cm / 29 14"