REF: 1789



Edmund Gill was a London landscape painter who lived in Ludlow and Hereford. In 1841 he met David Cox in Birmingham, whose work had a lasting influence on Gill.

Edmund exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1842 to 1886, the British Institution and Suffolk Street. Gill's works were mainly views of Wales and Scotland. He was especially fond of painting waterfalls, which earned him the nickname "Waterfall Gill".

Gill's fascination with waterfalls had him trape miles of the Welsh and Scottish landscape in search of these spectacular views of nature. He was obsessed with achieving a sense of realism within his works choosing a subject that is perpetually moving and changing. Gill's task needed the ability to retain a number of flashing moments and montage these together to show a waterfall at its most splendid, a task that took a lifetime of commitment and a lot of ability

  • Height 43.5 cm / 17 14"
  • Width 53.5 cm / 21 14"