19th century oil of Children in a landscape by a stream with a cottage in The UK

REF: 2376

John Stewart was a Scottish painter of rustic subjects and landscapes. HE exhibited 20 works at the Suffolk Street Exhibition location in London and 4 works at the Riyal Academy in London from 1828 to 1865.

Most of his paintings were typical Victorian genre scenes. The sort of composition that tells the viewer a story within the painting. This is one such piece. The children are out for a walk and alas the youngest girl seems to have dropped a clay jug, smashing it.

I'm sure the artist wants the viewer to feel a little sadness towards the girl but at the same time see the affection the older girl is showing towards her, as is the boy as well....A true Victorian story in a painting !

The piece is framed in a wonderful Antique English frame which might well be the original to the painting.

The painting is signed lower right.

  • Height 40.64 cm / 16 "
  • Width 47 cm / 18 "